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MBA Program

An affordable MBA program starting at $3,000.*

With HAU, you have the opportunity to fine-tune your educational experience to fit your professional interests and the flexibility to complete your master’s program on your own schedule – full-time, part time, hybrid or online.

On Campus

You can enjoy seminar-style classes, small class size, the opportunity to interact with industry professionals, and convenient 7-week terms.


You can experience weekly interactive video sessions with your instructor and fellow students, small class size, and a learning platform that’s easy to use and one on-one assistance from instructors.

*The $3,000 tuition cost is a limited time offer for new US students enrolling through our Nashua, NH campus. To receive the $3,000 price, students must be enrolled by June 7 or September 7, 2021. Limited seats are available for each term. Secure your spot now.

With an international focus that includes an optional two-week study session in Europe, the MBA program cultivates entrepreneurial strategic thinking within the context of an increasingly global, information-driven business world.

Students in the MBA program acquire a robust theoretical foundation and practical learning in core management disciplines and the technical skills and digital competencies needed for data-driven decision-making.

Students gain additional experience in working in cross-national teams through e-learning courses with students from the Nashua and Athens campuses.

Students take the required courses one at a time, but in an intensive fashion. Upon completing one course, they continue with the next one in the series.

The program can accommodate both resident students and working professionals and be completed in less than two years.

Students in the MBA program benefit from:

  • Opportunity to receive certificates in one of the following areas: Stress Health Management, Digital Marketing, Operational Excellence, and People Management Certificates.
  • A flexible schedule that includes evening sessions, as well as the opportunity to do the elective courses online.
  • Wide variety of electives such as Branding and Communications, Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management, Investment – Analysis & Portfolio Management, and Decision Support Systems.

The MBA offers opportunities to participate in ongoing faculty-student research projects in various business disciplines and fields. Students may design their Capstone project as a consultancy project for any SME or corporation, or develop a research based thesis under the supervision of a faculty member with research experience in the field.

Qualified students attending MBA programs at universities abroad may participate in the MBA Rolling Cohort program as a visiting exchange student for one or more seven-week courses. The University’s Office of International Exchange Programs can help students abroad arrange such study opportunities.

Strengthen your skills with an HAU MBA! Apply online today to join our dedicated community of professionals waiting to help you on your path to career advancement.